Igarapé is a Brazilian think tank that released a comprehensive dataset of worldwide murder statistics. It is presented in the form of a animated globe, that you can drag around and click for information on homicide in each country. It is made in Javascript.

Good things:

– The full dataset is available to download and clearly marked;

– Some countries have regional data, on states/provinces. There is an emphasis on Latin America and Caribbean;

– They provide info number of homicides, homicide rate per 100,000 inhabitants, evolution across the years, weapons mostly used and prevailing age and gender of the victims;

Not so good things:

– The datasets are very diverse in sources and dates. Some countries have very long historical series, some don’t. The application does a good job of making these sources and dates very clear, but it still gives me doubt of how much they can be comparable. Ex: in African countries, if the country is going through a civil war or peaceful times will make a lot of difference in the data;

– An animation shows the top ten homicide countries in the world. It isn’t a very clear when it starts and stops, and it’s the only ranking available in the site. I can’t figure out how a particular country ranks;

– The site is available for mobile but doesn’t work very well in an iPhone;

All in all, a good dataviz tackling a very difficult subject and dataset.