You can usually always count on a Dunkin’ Donuts, a Duane Reade, or a Starbucks to be on every corner in New York City. Public restrooms, especially handicap accessible restrooms, are not as readily available.

New York City is known for its resource availability around every corner. Restaurants, bodegas, and entertainment venues are usually within walking distance, especially in Manhattan. But at one time or another, New Yorkers and tourists alike have most likely wondered where they can access a public restroom without passing a “bathroom for customers only” sign. This problem is even more difficult for people that are handicapped. mapped every public restroom in New York City and has included those that are handicap accessible. I will map these restroom locations and combine it with other handicap resources, such as elevators and subway stations, from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority Guide to Accessible Transit in order to provide a better visual of New York as a handicap accessible city.


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