Cole Rosengren & Jack D’Isidoro

An upcoming case before the New York State Court of Appeals, involving NYU’s expansion plans in Greenwich Village, could set a precedent that would allow private development of public parks because of a city technicality. NYU and City Hall say that three parks in question are fair game because they’re on land owned by the Department of Transportation. Community advocates say that razing these parks would violate the Public Trust Doctrine and open the door to similar development conflicts at other sites around the city.

We will show a map of parks in New York City which are owned by the DOT, but operated by the Parks Department. If applicable, we’ll also look at other sites where parks are located on non-Parks Department land.

Data Sources:


William Castro

Borough commissioner, Manhattan, NYC Parks


Steve Romalewski

Director of CUNY Mapping Service


Mark Crispin Miller

President of NYU Faculty Against the Sexton Plan